My first post: why I started

July 14, 2018

Hey guys, how you all doing?

I am Harman, 22, a kind of a fresh graduate who suddenly stuck up on an idea of making a website that defines (maybe a try :P) the fine line between the modern day relationships and phone addiction.

Strange huh?

It’s 21st century and we are so much addicted to our smartphones that our hands our totally glued up to that small palm fitted device. Our day starts with twinkling eyes and we struggling to find our phones, somewhere under the pillow or upside down over the blanket.

We are so much into our fake social media world that we are neglecting the actual importance of a real healthy relationship.

As you all know, we are taunted to be ‘the generation of broken hearts’. The main reason behind this is that we are show much into show off, faking out, hooking up culture that we end up been broken finding a real soul.

In this blog, I will share  some ways to make a better version of YOU by avoiding excessive use of smartphone, setting up the right attitude and approach towards better you.

You will see some great articles on how to improve quality of your relationship, how to avoid excessive use of smart phone and eventually have a healthy and prosperous life and relationship as well.

If you think, anything above said pinged you, I would love to know your views in comments section.

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  1. I see you started this blog with a very good intention and you choose a domain also relevant to it, but what sopped you from posting?

    Please post more and more. You have nice writing skills. Make use of ’em.

    1. I am glad to hear that from you Syed, I am writing a very beautiful article on over possessive partners which I will post by end of this month. Stay tuned 🙂

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