7 Ways Phone Addiction Ruins Your Relationship

July 18, 2018


phone addiction and relationships

Being attached to your phone is fine, but excessive use or the so called “phone addiction” has ruinous effects on a healthy relationship. There comes a point when your loved ones are trying to focus on you and there you are, trying to ping your phone.

I usually see people meeting over a coffee and focusing more on presenting themselves to the social media rather benefiting each other with healthy and quality time together.

A recent study showed that attraction and urge to meet gradually decreases in the couples who are more focused on their smartphones during dates. They may be together physically, but in actual, there conscious minds are trying to escape from that instantaneous moment.

We must learn to value the presence of the other person during our meetings.

Consider a situation, you and your girlfriend are on a coffee date. There comes the conflict arising situation in where you are checking your Instagram news feed and skipping the conversation with the girl next to you.

She may not taunt you at the moment but, believe me, its 21st century and people are very good in observing when you are ignoring them in the first place.

When your partner is prioritizing smartphone and social media over you, I am sure that will kick you from inside and you will eventually feel alienated.

You may not be called a phone addict but this will surely harm your relationship in the long run.

How social media addiction ruins your relationship

7 actions of phone addiction that degrades your relationship


Frequently pulling out your cell phone 

I am sure, if you have been to this situation. You can figure out the anger and irritation that starts to build up when the person next to you is more devoted to his smartphone than to you.

Constantly playing a peekaboo with your smartphone can easily make your partner think that they are being left behind.

Try to focus on the person next to you so that you can have some real conversations and take home good memories.

Else, this phone addiction will definitely ruin your relationship.

Keeping your smart device on the table itself

This is one of those bad etiquette’s¬†that must be avoided no matter what!

Constantly popping notifications will sure shot make you distracted and that will definitely picture your phone addiction to the person next to you.

Checking your social apps in the middle of a conversation

How would you feel if the person you are talking to is busy scrolling his Instagram feed and Snapchat stories?

You’ll probably be angry, yet avoiding and ignoring till a moment comes where you have to be a little blunt and spit out your irritation. Please avoid being in this situation and value the time of the person sitting next to you. Getting and giving attention is a mutual thing.

This way of your phone addiction surely ruins your relationship.

Always replying to other people

There may be some emergencies or important messages, but replying to every single message or starting a conversation can ruin your current moment of quality time.

Learn to prioritize so that these weird situations can be ignored.

Or the person sitting next to you will definitely tag you with ignorant badge.

Always a busy bee

If you are one of those talkative ones, this point is definitely for you. Let me share a situation with you, consider, when ever you call your loved ones. They are always busy on another call and you get used to that hung up tone.

Damn! That will really make me suspicious.

Balance is the key.

You may not be cheating and having an actual work call. But trust me, people these days are really perceptive and that really gets you flagged into suspicious and untrustworthy category.

Constantly pinging notification bells

It’s your first date, and your phone is constantly banging with the notification tones. You may keep your phone in your pocket, but those notification bells will still distract and create awkwardness between you two.

Always silent your phone on your first date.

Totally forgetting the person next to you when over a call

Sometimes, there is actually an important phone call that can’t be ignored or delayed. Then this situation kicks in!

Don’t get too indulged in the call that you forget the person sitting right next to you. Nobody would like to see you making a long phone conversation at that particular moment.

I would like to conclude this article with this awesome quote by

Sometimes you just need to put down your phone and live in that moment.”

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  1. As said in article, the smartphone is good for some time but if it breaks your relationship or your correlation with your buddies then its definitely not good addiction.
    Thanks sir for sharing such very important topic for increasing its awareness.

  2. That’s really beautiful that we don’t blame the gadget for the results we extract out of it. The gadgets simply are either useful or harmful and that is decided by the user.

    Good to have read this article to know something in depth. Please write more!

    Syed Usman Haniel

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