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10 Signs That You Are Actually Addicted to Your Phone

July 16, 2018


phone addiction and relationships

In the modern world, where we are spending quite a money on our smartphones, there also arises a barely recognized addiction known as ‘Phone Addiction’.

This may not be as bad as drugs, smoking or alcohol addiction, but still, this can have some serious effects and consequences on our personal life.

We are so much glued to our devices that we eventually ruin our quality time with family, friends and loved ones.

I am sure, you must be thinking of a relative incident that connects you to this article.

We all are “Tarred With The Same Brush”. I am also one of you who was once so much into his smart phone addiction that my only meaning of quality life was meant by this small device which was handcuffed to me badly and madly.

If I talk about what phone addition really means, this simple sentence would be enough – If you are craving to check your phone, switching between social apps even though you checked that a couple of minutes back. You are addicted to your phone my friend.

smartphone addiction in girls

10 signs of phone addiction and how to avoid them


Looking for your smartphone immediately after you wake up

This is the first sign of phone addiction that starts budding up from the very first hour of the day.
We hanker so eagerly to check all the notifications including messages and news feed from social media like the worlds just going to end the next moment.

With our twinkling eyes we try hard to locate our cell phones by still keeping the comfort side of our bed.

We should actually take a pledge to avoid the contact with our smartphone in the very first hour and invest that time in some yoga and deep breathing exercises. This way you will have an energetic day throughout .

Switching between social apps looking for more content

Social networking acted as a great boon which connects us to our family, friends and loved ones. There arises a situation where you have checked all your notification and feeds, and yet still you switch between apps trying to find some content to kill your time. I personally faced this a heck lot of times.

Constantly checking your phone during family dinner

Spending quality time with the family is something which everyone is not blessed with, and if you are the lucky one. Make the most out of it by keeping aside your fake world and hence suppressing your phone addiction.

All the family members should try that phone in the bowl technique. Silent all the smartphones and keep them away in a bowl so that you guys can actually have some quality time together.

Compromising sleep 

Ahan! Ain’t it sound familiar? Constantly hammering your eyes into phone even after being sleepy is what we next-gen kids do. But this is totally a bad idea.

Go with our elderly saying which is truly a right formula – Early to Bed & Early to rise makes a person healthy, wealthy and wise.

People always complaining about your over usage 

When you are with your family or friends, be with them physically as well as MENTALLY. The complaint will automatically vanish and some how your phone addiction too.

Stop prioritizing the devices addiction and focus on the person sitting right next to you.

Try experiencing the old school way and pretending its 90’s and smartphones doesn’t even exist.

Using smartphone while working out

Music gives you a motion while working out, but social media totally drains your efficiency (Try to differentiate between both). I usually see people exercising their fingers more rather working out actual muscles.

Multitasking is good but try to focus on your primary motto of gyming. Distraction can lead to unfortunate incidents. Keep yourself safe.

Feeling  anxious when your phone is out of reach or “nomophobia”

Where is my phone?

Have you seen my phone?

OMG! I can’t locate my phone.

This describes the feeling of stress and irritation when you are unable to reach out to your phone. Keep yourself distracted and busy so that you don’t need your online social presence to kill time.

Texting while driving

This is seriously the most dangerous phone addiction of all. People are so much into using their smart devices while driving that they end up in bad scenarios like road rage and accidents. Loosing your focus while driving makes you more prone to mistakes.

Vibration haunts

This is rare, but I personally felt this haunt many times. You will  sense a vibration in your pocket, but in actual, its just your conscious mind that’s pinging you to check your phone. Have you ever been in this situation?

Being so clung to your phone that its probably the last thing you interact with before going to bed

If you say goodbye to the day with the smartphone in your hand, then your addiction seems to reach at the destructive level. I know its difficult to cut off with anything so quickly, but let’s vow to give a sure shot try before this addiction ruins us.

If you think I missed any point regarding phone addiction and its consequences, do let me know in the comments section below. 

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  1. After reading above article i think i also addicted to my smartphone but the article is very good if you want to check your addiction with your smartphone. Really hope peoples also aware that the smartphone addiction is not good for your health and relationships.
    Thanks a lot sir for sharing such very important and very effective topic.

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